Vaneau Boulogne

41, route de la Reine 92100 Boulogne

  • Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 7pm
    Saturday from 10am to 5pm

  • Phone : 01 46 04 60 60

Our luxury real estate agency, Vaneau Agences des Princes, has been in Boulogne for over 40 years, and was even the first ever real estate agency create in the town. Ideally situated Route de la Reine, it handles popular sectors such as La Grande Place, Parchamp, les Princes or the north of Boulogne bordering the woods.

An active town, Boulogne boasts 100 000 inhabitants, a wide variety of properties available on the market and an undeniably pleasant quality of life and close proximity to Paris. The value of real estate is lower than in Paris even though certain sectors in the north of the town rival those of the prestigious areas in Paris.

The variety of real estate here includes apartments, duplexes with terraces, houses.... and has enticed many Parisians, particularly your executives, away from the capital.

Our team advises you

  • Marie-Laure Tournier Sales
  • Romain Saliou Sales

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