Domotique, les dernières innovations



Home automation continues to progress, especially thanks to connected objects. The next step is through Artificial Intelligence (AI). Review of the latest innovations and trends.


Your connected watch is already able to trigger the coffee maker when you wake up. The connected refrigerator, like the Samsung Family Hub Regrigerator, can offer recipes and list the next races. It can also alert you to the expiry dates thanks to the management of the stock that it carries out in real time via the scan of the barcodes.

The latest technology fairs have also given pride of place to washing machines and clothes dryers able to define the most suitable program by identifying the "radiofrequency" labels of the clothes they are loading. The next irons and steam plants will also adjust their temperature according to each fabric.

The smartphone is about to become the control interface of the entire house. Capable of managing remote openings and closures, opening and closing blinds and roof windows according to the weather, as well as remotely controlling all lighting via connected bulbs and sockets. However, all these evolutions are only the beginnings of a domotic revolution: that of the Artificial Intelligence. And it's for tomorrow!


Voice recognition is already required

In fact, artificial intelligence is already entering our homes in small steps thanks to connected wizards: Google's Home, Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana and soon Apple's Home Pod. Thanks to their voice recognition, these funny speaker-microphones are for the moment able to answer (almost) all our questions. However, the next stage of their development will allow us to control everything with the voice and thus to do without any remote control, buttons and same touch screens. The only momentary brake is the lack of connectable peripherals to execute orders (electric gate motors and windows, locks, appliances ...).

Every day announces a lot of novelties. From the coffee machine capable of selecting your favorite pod color to the adjustable shower thermostat from a single word to the desired temperature. Demonstrations of smart plumbing installations already show systems that can turn off a faucet when they detect a water or gas leak while sending a notification on your smartphone. Best of all, in addition to warning occupants, these home automation "brains" can contact a convenience store themselves and make an appointment based on your personal diary. What better security while avoiding damage and limiting repair costs.

Facial recognition approach

Tomorrow, your smart intercom will recognize faces. Farewell to the heavy and cumbersome keyring, biometrics will allow the entry into functions of a list of accredited persons. Several levels of security can prioritize entries. The housekeeper will have access to certain rooms and storage areas to which children will not be entitled (where the cleaning products are stored, for example) ... and vice versa.

A delivery man comes in your absence? No worries, he will be able to access the garage the time to deposit the package and be filmed to avoid any dispute. The computer webcam will also work to identify users and open their sessions and mailboxes while exempting them from entering any password.

The autonomous car takes the wheel

The prototypes of the giants of new technologies, Google, Apple, Amazon in mind, are already rolling across the Atlantic. Just like the Tesla, which accumulates connected autonomy and 100% electric motorization. California law should give them even more freedom in 2018. On the Old Continent, historic builders are trying to catch up. At Ford, Audi, BMW and others, experiments show a mastery of know-how. The latest example, Renault has shown to the press that the embedded artificial intelligence was already able to "drive" its prototype as well as the test pilot of the factory! Bluffing.

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