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"The SCPI, the assets of the real estate without worry of management"

With yields of 4.5 to 5% Civil Real Estate Investment Companies (SCPI) are attracting more and more savers. What is SCPI? Who is this product aimed at? How to lower taxes? The point with Mathias Le Ponner, CEO of Exell Finance


What is SCPI?

MLP : Une SCPI fait l’acquisition, gère et entretien un patrimoine immobilier (bureaux, commerces ou logements) pour le compte de souscripteurs. Ces derniers souscrivent des parts de cette société et en perçoivent les rendements en fonction de leur quote-part. Pour l’immobilier commercial, ces rendements se situent entre 4,5 et 5%. Une SCPI peut détenir plusieurs dizaines d’immeubles, ce qui permet à l’épargnant de mutualiser son risque. Le souscripteur est déchargé de toutes les questions liées à la gestion et la société qui gère la SCPI lui reverse des revenus trimestriellement. C’est un revenu net de frais et d’impôt (les taxes locales et les frais ont déjà été intégrée dans le rendement versé).

Who is this product for?

MLP: The subscription of SCPI can be particularly adapted to constitute a supplement of retirement. These products are also of interest to younger people who want to save money without dealing with the management of a property. Exell Finance selects handpicked SCPIs to offer tailor-made solutions to its clients. We work with strong partners whose seniority and seriousness we know.


Do you offer tax exemption solutions?

MLP: Indeed, we market SCPI backed by tax systems. This is the case for the Pinel device, Malraux and the property deficit. REITs allow investors to defiscate the current year for a subscription until December 31st. This allows individuals to reduce their taxes until the last moment. In addition, subscribing for tax-based SCPIs also makes it possible to calibrate its tax reduction to the euro.

Can SCPI shares be dismembered to earn income net of taxes?

MLP: The dismemberment of SCPI is another way of building a net wealth of taxation. The share of SCPI is dismembered for a definite period of time with the bare owner (holding the share) and the usufructuary (receiving income). The share price over a period of 10 years is divided between the bare owner, 66% and the usufructuary for 34%. During the 10 years of detention, the usufructuary (who bought the share for 34% of its value) receives 100% of the income. This is particularly beneficial after construction, when individuals have dug a large land deficit. The bare owner does not receive income for 10 years but he recovers full ownership of the shares that he can sell for 100% of their value (bought at 66%) without being taxed on the gain. This is equivalent to collecting these revenues in one block, without taxes. It is a real solution for efficient tax optimization.

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