Wealth management

Alter Family Office, wealth management company and subsidiary of vaneau patrimoine, proposes financial, legal and tax expertise corresponding to your income, to give the most appropriate advice for your future investments.

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Alter Family Office manages your assets so that they bear fruit. Taking care of individuals with assets from 1.5 to 50 million euros, our managers handle 30 to 40 files at most and are obligatorily approved by the “Autorité des Marchés Financiers” (AMF). 100% independent, Alter Family Office’s sole aim is to serve your interest, in all discretion.

Our mission

Quite simply, to grow your assets and income, limit risks, define tax strategies. We work closely with tax experts, asset engineers, certified accountants, notaries... After analyzing your asset statement, we offer advice in the light of your goals: asset transfer, maximising return on certain investments, risk investment etc. We address all the issues and specific aspects of each dossier: is it better to own a property alone or jointly? Full ownership or split up ? Directly or via an SCI?

Building a portfolio

We also help you build your portfolio and guide you towards a more profitable investment - or disinvestment - strategy. It is usually better to opt for diversification, reduce risks you may be running. We consider the yield aimed for, the investment’s duration. Unlike a salaried manager who gives priority to financial investments linked to his employer, whether a bank or insurance company, we offer, thanks to our total independence, financial products on all markets: stocks, real estate, but vineyards or artworks. 

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ALTER FAMILY OFFICE by Vaneau Patrimoine

50, rue de Châteaudun,
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Tel : +33 (0)1 45 03 80 92

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Properties selection

***Saint Germain des Prés*** ***Saint Germain des Prés*** ***Saint Germain des Prés***
PARIS 6 th - Apartment
7 200 000 €
5 bedrooms
2508 sq ft
Bac - Rue de la Planche Bac - Rue de la Planche Bac - Rue de la Planche
PARIS 7 th - Apartment
3 980 000 €
4 bedrooms
1882 sq ft
PARIS 5 th - Apartment
3 900 000 €
4 bedrooms
1844 sq ft
***Luxembourg*** ***Luxembourg*** ***Luxembourg***
PARIS 6 th - Apartment
3 790 000 €
5 bedrooms
2476 sq ft