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Having your own wine cellar is a dream of many wine lovers. To keep your bottles properly, bet on a few wines, watch them age and when the day comes, choose the wine perfectly suited to dinner dishes, what a pleasure! The quest of the wine collector is akin to that of the gardener. It's about sowing, growing and picking on time. However, for a fruitful harvest, you must have prepared the ground by building a wine cellar that meets strict criteria.



The golden rules for a successful wine cellar

Before deciding on the location of your new cellar, you should have a few criteria in mind. The area should be odorless, vibration-free and protected from light to promote oxidation of the nectars. The temperature is also an essential element: make sure it is constant (between 11 and 14 ° C). Too hot it would cause the wine to age precipitously and too cold it would encourage the appearance of deposits. A thermometer is therefore essential, even an air conditioner if you are afraid of temperature differences. Also pay attention to the humidity, it should be between 50 and 80%. Too much humidity could cause mold to appear on corks and labels.


Useful tips to preserve your wine bottles

To insulate your cellar, the coating must be well thought out. On the floor side, choose a waterproof and solid coating. You can choose, for example, a natural stone, marble or ceramic floor. This will limit the risk of moisture. When it comes to lighting, be minimalist and LED lamps are ideal. Indeed, their weak lighting limits the release of heat in the wine cellar. Above all, avoid shining light directly on your bottles, they would not like that. Also, choose racks to keep the bottles away from each other and when lying down. The wine is alive, it needs to breathe, and contact with the cork allows it to age well.


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Your wine cellar from day to day


Your bottles need to be at peace and a light dusting every two months is more than enough. In terms of organization, remember to keep a register of wines for aging purchased and stored in your cellar. Preferably place the wines to consume quickly at the entrance and leave the wines that deserve to age at the bottom of the cellar. Finally, if you have enough space, set up a tasting area to receive your friends. Place a few barrels as tables, shelves for storing glasses and decanters, and hang a ham from a hook screwed to the ceiling. Tiles, pottery and painted furniture will bring your personal touch.


An original arrangement for your wine


An Australian handyman has transformed a staircase into a real wine cellar that can store up to 156 bottles. Murray Berril made the buzz on his Facebook page by showing the different stages of his project. In a week and a half, he dug the steps of his staircase and installed huge drawers. Since he obviously needs to control the temperature, Murray uses a thermometer to make sure he doesn't tamper with the bottles, but he plans to install an air conditioner. A creative DIY of just under 3,000 euros much appreciated by Internet users. It's up to you to choose your style of decoration!



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