How to invest in Malraux?


The Malraux investment system gives the right to a tax reduction. This is calculated on the amount of restoration work undertaken by the investor of a classified property. Aimed at highly taxed investors, the Malraux system makes it possible to buy a property to be rehabilitated. The property must be located in certain defined property areas. The buyer agrees to rent the accommodation once the work is done. In exchange, he benefits from a significant tax reduction.


The new Malraux system

Created in 1962 by the minister of the same name, the Malraux law allows an investor, in love with old stones, to restore a building located in a protected area. The owner must carry out a complete restoration of the property. In return, it benefits from a tax reduction calculated on the amount of the works of 22% for operations carried out in a zone for the protection of the urban or landscape architectural heritage (ZPPAUP) or in an area for the enhancement of architecture. and heritage (AVAP). The reduction is 30% if the property is located in a protected sector or in an old degraded district.

For permits filed since January 1, 2017, the tax reduction is multi-year. The calculation is proportional to the amount of work undertaken for the renovation of a historic property, up to a limit of € 400,000 over 4 years, ie up to € 120,000 in tax reduction. The unused tax reduction can be carried over to the following year.

The works relate to renovation, improvements such as reconstruction of the roof, demolition expenses, conversion of attics, attics or common areas, management costs, etc.

Malraux: the location criterion must be precise

Due to the exceptional nature of the property, the works are validated and monitored by the Architects of Buildings of France. The restoration of the building must also be declared of public utility, unless the property is located on a Remarkable Heritage Site (SPR) covered by a Safeguarding and Enhancement Plan (PSMV) or a Valuation Plan of the 'Architecture and Heritage (PVAP). To find the goods concerned by the Malraux law, the ideal is still to turn to a specialist in wealth management like Exell Finance.


Loi Malraux

Investement Malraux: rental conditions must be respected

Once the property has been renovated, the owner has 12 months following the date of completion of the work to rent out the property for at least 9 years. It is therefore recommended to choose, from the start of your investment, a building located in a city of at least 50,000 inhabitants, with an active rental market. Unlike the Pinel system, there is no rent ceiling to respect. The tenants of a dwelling renovated from a Malraux do not have to meet special conditions of resources.



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