Estimate your apartment

In order to know the market value of his apartment during a real estate project, it is essential to make an accurate estimate of his property. Vaneau accompanies you to help you estimate your apartment at the best price.

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Estimate your apartment

To carry out the sale of your apartment, its estimation is an essential step. It allows to know the true value of your property on the real estate market and to determine a selling price likely to quickly attract potential buyers. A fair estimate allows you to sell quickly by reducing potential trading demands.

To be accompanied by a professional

The expertise of a real estate professional in estimating your apartment is essential to be better oriented in the rest of the sales process of the latter.
If many sites offer more or less accurate online estimates, the arrival and analysis of an expert in your home will allow you to determine the fair price of your apartment by taking into account all aspects of it and you can better position yourself according to the real estate market.

Each apartment is defined by a multitude of criteria that are specific to it: exposure, location, total area, number of rooms, general condition, work done, energy efficient diagnosis (DPE) ...
These are all assets that can influence the market value of your property when it is estimated. However, if last is not very well maintained, has construction defects or is badly located its estimate may be lower than the one you thought.

We advise you to call on a real estate agent who has an objective vision in addition to his expertise to be able to better estimate your apartment. It will take into account a set of criteria both in terms of its location, the current market, the goods previously sold in your neighborhood, city, region and the characteristics of your apartment itself.

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Properties selection

PARIS 16 th - Apartment
8 400 000 €
4 bedrooms
3767 sq ft
***Saint Germain/ Odeon*** ***Saint Germain/ Odeon*** ***Saint Germain/ Odeon***
PARIS 6 th - Apartment
4 320 000 €
4 bedrooms
1749 sq ft
***Luxembourg*** ***Luxembourg*** ***Luxembourg***
PARIS 6 th - Apartment
3 790 000 €
5 bedrooms
2476 sq ft
PARIS 16 th - Apartment
2 992 500 €
5 bedrooms
3132 sq ft
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