Tips for successfully selling your mansion with Vaneau

Because it is an important asset sought by wealthy clients and wealthy investors, selling your mansion involves following a precise and quality sales process. Discover our advice to quickly sell your luxury property.

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To successfully sell your mansion, it is important to call on a high-end real estate expert. The latter can advise you and bring you all its expertise in the sale of exceptional housing. Benefit from the reputation of an agency to quickly sell your mansion and know perfectly all the important steps of the sales process. Before the sale of your exceptional property on the market you will choose the real estate mandate to which you want to be affiliated. Mandatory before any real estate transactions, there are several with different characteristics. Among the most encountered are the so-called simple mandate and the exclusive mandate. An exclusive mandate allows you to put the announcement of your mansion in a single agency. The latter will have the exclusive right to find future buyers a contrario the simple mandate or the announcement of your property can be put in different agencies also giving you the opportunity to find yourself potential buyers.

One of the important steps in a real estate sale is the estimation. Your mansion is a prestige property with exceptional characteristics, so it is important to have your property correctly estimated in order to know its market value. For this estimate to be correctly carried out, we recommend once again to call on a professional real estate appraiser in luxury housing. Architecture, number of rooms to live, garden area and exhibition, cellar, garage, presence of gym and / or spa, quality materials, location and location .. all these elements that will be taken into account when This assessment.The experience of a real estate expert will allow you to set a selling price that matches the unique criteria of your property and sell it quickly by limiting possible margins of negotiations.

A technical diagnostics file will be requested during the estimation of your hotel, some are mandatory as the DPE (energy performance diagnosis). Do not hesitate to inquire about the various diagnoses (lead, termites, asbestos) to be made and their dates of validity.

If the sale of mansions is part of a separate market or the scarcity and exclusivity of this type of property make them popular goods that sell quickly, however should not neglect the writing of your ad. Putting your ad online can reach a larger clientele that has the opportunity to project into your home and consider visits. You must therefore highlight all the assets of your hotel with a precise description of the number of rooms, materials, architecture, history of your property .. Accompanied by beautiful photographs of the interior of the stays , rooms, bathrooms as well as exteriors and gardens.

During the visits, make sure that each room is tidy and clean with a neat decoration. It is necessary to create the crush with the visitor so that it makes an offer of purchase.

Despite a precise estimate and a sale price in accordance with the real estate market, you received a proposal to buy less than the asking price. Given the important financial stakes, it is recommended that you bring a real estate agent with you to start negotiations. The offer to purchase is characterized when a compromise is found between the buyer and the seller on the selling price. A preliminary contract is then signed between the two parties to put in writing the conditions of sale, the nature of the property and its final price before being brought before a notary. The authentic deed of sale written by the notary formalizes the sale of your mansion before the transfer of funds.

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